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Nitrous Question

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First off, let me introduce myself formally. My name is John and I'm in Houston TX.

I have a Silver VT that's plasti-dipped monster green pearl.
Mods are modest:
-3" mandrel bent exhaust, no cat into a Magnaflow muffler done by CVT here in Houston
-Forge Blow Off Valve
-Lowered on Eibach pro kit
-19x10.5 and 19x9 Concept one CLS5.5 Matte Black
-235/35r19 and 215/35r19 Hankook v12

Now on to the question, I'm planning on running a Nitrous kit, I've installed everything, no flaws except for the fuel line. Most of the vehicles I've worked on have a fuel pressure check valve, but I cant find one on this one. How are those of you who are running nitrous, getting fuel to the solenoid without cutting the OEM fuel line, or running a separate fuel cell... Is there an adapter for the quick disconnect fitting, or is there a check valve (schrader valve) somewhere I cant see? Or should i go ahead and start pricing a new fuel line instead of posting this question? lmao

Thanks in advance
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You might be in the woods alone on this one. Not a really strong nitrous community out here.
PM Tork me..(Vendor) I think they ran a 20 shot on their house VT. Theres another guy running a 35 shot too..but dont remember who it was..(not sure of either set up if wet or dry) just giving a direction.
I wouldn't run anything bigger than a 50...lot's of nitrous horror stories on youtube

Nick C.
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