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No more marmalade VT's???

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Just seen the new Australian VT brochure and looks like Marmalade has been removed. Replaced with another matte finish called Petrol grey (its a charcoal colour a bit darker than young gun).

So those of you with Marmalade VT's already looks like they were a limited edition and will be the only ones produced :cool:

Sort of leaves the colour choice limited now though with red, white, black and 3 shades of grey.
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Stillwell says there is a number of Marmalades coming in soon - we thought I had the last one around, then they found one more for a local Doctor who wouldn't take any other colour (they were prepping it on Tuesday, still had all the protective sheeting on it) - they now have my friends name down for the next one in, and I sent them another customer on Thursday (one of those 'stop you in the street 'cos they HAVE to ask about the car' types lol)
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