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nice! i got the stage 2 from them also

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Turbosocks rigid collar kit. "Cured" about 50% of the VTs rear nervousness. Best $50 I've spent so far. Auto part Vehicle Pipe Fuel line Suspension

Auto part Vehicle Automotive exterior Engine Pipe

Chive on!!!!
Vehicle Transport Automotive exterior Windscreen wiper Windshield

Garageline wheel spacers. 20mm front, 25mm in the rear. Another 10% nervousness "cured"
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Road Vehicle door

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Turbosocks/Btjetman functional hood vents. Love the way they look but I suck as an installer.
Hood Vehicle Car Windshield Windscreen wiper

Automotive exterior Bumper Hood Grille Vehicle

Pierce Motorsports dual tube strut tower brace, trunk brace, six point chassis brace, rear torsion bar
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle

Vehicle Car Auto part Hatchback City car

Lighting Light fixture Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part

Fumoto drain plug will be installed with next oil change

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Shopping list.....

I see many items I would like for my VT on that I need to bring all items to this post, centrally located.
In random order....
PIAA extreme white plus sets, H11b, H7, H8
Various CERMA products- ordered- received - installed
OCC maybe 2, someone to install them
Tork tune
Some kinda brick less front grill, not billet style
OZ Alleggerita HLT, Black "18s
Better tires- installed- 215/40ZR-18 Continental ExtremeContact DWS XL*
Btjetman style fog light setup...ahem, wink wink
Fumoto oil plug - ordered - received - installed
Turbosocks frai or is it fmic rai?
Someone mentioned a $20 pipe that can be changed out for added hp
Oil cooler
what can I do exhaust wise and remain emmisions legal?

I will add to list as I come across more stuff and as I remember
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