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November 2020 Map/Software Update

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Hi all,

I ordered the official November 2020 map and software update (ver 14.10) for my '15 VT w/tech; listed as for models 2012-2015 US version (PN 1411UFS), and have installed it without issue (though it does take almost 3 hours).

Now I'd like to make it available to users here (only cost about $25, but what the hell - why pay it if you don't have to), so I'm looking at uploading the files to the cloud... as far as I can tell, I should be able to just upload the contents of the USB - I don't see that this is a bootable drive, only that there's an autorun program on it. Can anyone with prior experience with these confirm that? I don't want to go through the effort of uploading this just to find out that it won't work for anyone because it needs to be an iso or something.

Screenshot of the USB contents, with "hidden files" shown:

And, for reference, the software/map version after update:
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Bless you, for this!! I'm downloading now! ....Whooohoo!!!
Did u run into any problems?
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