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Made an account just to post this...

Update WORKED, maps are now "more" up to date
Battery died mid update the first time (even while on a trickle charger and even setting the charger to 10A)
after the failure, maps woulnt load and couldnt bring up a version number
but I simply just re-inserted the usb stick and let it reinstall/overwrite
ended up just running the engine for the 2-3 hours, lost about 1.5 "bars" of fuel

Plant Car Automotive design Steering wheel Personal luxury car

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i should also add, i tried a 32GB | USB 3.0 | FAT32 formatted stick originally and the car would not read it,
i then changed to an older 16GB | USB 2.0 | Patriot Xporter XT | FAT32 stick and that's what allowed the update to proceed
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