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O2 Sensor location on 14 Veloster Turbo

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Can anybody point me to where I can find the O2 Sensor on our cars?
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That should help you find them. 馃憤
When you removed it, did you have to go under or is it possible to remove from the top? Ive read somewhere they said its possible from up top.

However, looking at the images it seems impossible.
I had to pull the manifold off the car to remove the 2 sensors.
There's really not enough room while being under the car or over the top of the car to get the leverage needed.
I also uses a dab of high temperature copper based anti-seize compound on the threads when reinstalling it for easier removal in the future.
Just make sure you put it on the threads only and the anti-seize doesn't get in the sensor element.

Hope that helps. 馃檹馃徑馃憤
Thanks for the tip. Probably wont be taking off the manifold. I may cause more trouble for myself than needed.

At this point i wish i gad access to a lift.
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Remove from below is really the only option
Most likely. I dont think ill attempt removing the manifold.

My sensors been replaced before by a mechanic, he said it looks burnt but after reviewing threads it seems like its just easily covered in carbon. Im trying to save myself from spending if i can clean them instead of switching them, unless they are really done for.

This might make it easier to take out, hopefully he didnt tighten them like oem did.

I read online that acetone can be used and someone recommended dipping it in CLR. Any experience in using any household products to clean o2 sensor?

They do not need to be cleaned. Why do you need to remove them?
It threw a p1033 cel. I heard it could it is due to the carbon build up on the sensor
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