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[FONT=arial narrow,sans-serif]July 4, 2012 will be my final ride with Blackie aka 1999 Black Toyota Camry ... and my first ride with Veloster Turbo[/FONT][FONT=arial narrow, sans-serif]My definition of closure is defined as a sense of finality. However, the real life`s definition is never so simple. [/FONT]

Therefore, here is my ode to Blackie.

Spotted you in Toyota Lot,
Standing All Alone,
Sleek looking in black metallic,
Gleaming and calling to me.

Test drove and fell in love,
Like a well oiled tuned machine,
Perfect car for a young guy,
What a amazing team we made.

We drove for wonderful adventures,
He was always there,
Through rain, snow, foggy, and sunny weather,
Throughout 13 memorable years.

But that changed,
For I have found someone else.
With baby blue eyes and new technology,
For she is a beauty queen.

Blackie, you will be missed and will always have a special place in my heart in my memories.


Born 06.15.1998 RIP 07.04.2012


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That's beautiful, man. :(

I know the feeling... when I got my permit (circa 2006) I inherited our family's 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan (what a winner, right? You wouldn't believe the kind of tail that scored me; as long as I also agreed to pick-up Aiden, Jaiden, Kaiden, Braiden, and Kaflaivin after practice). But really, I was like 7 when we got it, I believe it was the first new car I was around for, and it was the first thing I ever drove. Something just felt wrong about giving it up. I did have the good fortune to be able to give it to one of my best friends, though. The thing still actually runs (barely). But it's good you could get some feelings out through a healthy means of catharsis like poetry. Not something like taking out your anger on others.

Which reminds me. Screw all of you Canadian people what with getting your VTs already. My estimate is still the end of July (if I'm lucky). :furious:

Well, at least my day will come with an excuse to blow crap up.

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That was so nice, I wrote a farewell to my truck;

One Winter day, in early 04,
My wife and I drove to the auto show door;
Not meaning buy, but only to gaze,
At the newest creations the car makers made;

All modes of transport were proudly displayed,
We continued to look, no decision was made;
I had no idea what I wanted to get,
When across from the room, our headlights were met;

“New truck of the year!” Motor Trend cried
I trust them completely, they're not going to lie;
Metal flake blue, and looking so fine,
I turned to my spouse and said, “This baby’s mine!

Papers were signed, a new check was written,
We drove you on home, both of us smitten;
Eighteen plus feet, and five thousand pounds,
Was just what I needed to get me around;

Wisconsin snowbanks are known to get high,
I always arrived, all toasty and dry;
For almost a decade, we’ve traveled together,
Not once did you fail me, no matter the weather;

I’m buying a new one, a snappier car,
I’ll think of you often, we both travelled far;
We’ll always remember in pictures and thoughts,
The big blue 150 my wife and I bought.

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Love it ! :)
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