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OFFICIAL Seoulful Racing (SFR) ECU Reflash For Sale NOW!!!

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The timing will be set for the higher octane. If you run anything lesser youll most likely ping when in boost. You could probably get away with it if you don't boost but i wouldnt reccomend it.
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On 87 i doubt you will see more than 20 hp if that
Everyone at the dyno day was running 93 i believe. One guy had 91 that wasnt great and he had some issues tuning it
They up the boost fix the afr. Timing im not 100% sure but most likely raised
I'm sure there is negative effects of running a tune.. Your taking a car, regardless of how capable it may be, and changing the way a lot of things work in order to have the extra hp.. I'd say, this is strictly from my point of view, that your probably going to have your turbo go out a lot sooner as well as replacing some other parts that it puts more tension on.. Not knowing everything about cars I'm not sure what all parts would be affected but none the less, it's gonna add wear and tear on the car..
Thats not necessarily true. A properly tuned car will always last longer than an improper one. That being said this car runs rich from the factory which is worse on certain parts than a perfect afr. The turbo will probably not last as long though due to the higher boost but its not over spinning it so its not really a problem.
I had a tune on my Mini S it was a stock flash and it was fairly aggressive but safe. It ran fine for for 190k miles. It still uses all the same stock adaptations like it will still pull timing and add fuel when needed but it wont be set so rich and will utilize higher octane which over 100k miles is like financing $700 at the gas pump. people pay more on rims with less return in performance. No brainer for me at $450 its easily the best bang for your buck mod. 93 Octane please ;) Edit: I swear at the end of the dyno video some guy yells "Suck it Trebeck" lol

Pretty sure that's Kyle that yells that haha
1 - 6 of 63 Posts
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