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OFFICIAL Seoulful Racing (SFR) ECU Reflash For Sale NOW!!!

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Has anyone heard of ftw or fuel the world. Its the best gas out right now... its even better than E85 but it cost a hell of alot more also. But it has had a proven 40 hp gain over E85 no re tuning done just switched the tune for this gas type granted for 5 gallons it 185 big ones last time i checked. But i gonna do 93 tune and once i get a beater and ftw drops there price i might get a re tune for that !
Something is odd about that fuel. Dynos on the site show one set with no tuning changes on a bike vs. a few other fuels. Another graph shows gains AFTER retuning AFR (and whatever else). For that $$ You'd be best served with VP import. Real gains come in the tune necessary to maximize the fuel.. Way too much for this car as it is, but there should be more to be gained with the higher octane rating of the import. They are both leaded fuels too, FYI.

Interesting stuff though. :)
any idea what max psi is with the tune?
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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