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Oil in coolant tank??

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I am wondering if anyone has had this issue before? I am going to pressure test the coolant system, do a compression/leakdown test, ect. at work on Monday either way to find the issues exact point. Complete speculation but I'm guessing either its going to be turbo seals or head gasket but we shall see.

I went to fill my windshield washer solvent today so while I was in there I was just doing a quick check of everything. I noticed there is a layer of oil on top of the coolant in the reservoir and in the coolant rad/line cap. When I removed the oil fill cap it looks fine inside like its not mixing up there. My car runs great, no codes on the ecu or low coolant/oil. Every 3 or so oil changes since I bought the car new I have had to top off the coolant (never dropped below "low"on the tank) but this is the first time I've noticed the oil, might have just not noticed it before tho.

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Quick update

I never had this issue on any other car but after doing some research it turns out that the oil looking substance is actually a reaction that happens between our factory coolant and Redline Water Wetter. It can actually cause the water pump bearings to fail early and clog up the radiator, lucky for me everything seems okay, I caught it in time so I'll do a system flush a couple times and be good to go.
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