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Opinion the Drag 31 or Drag 34

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I'm considering either getting the
Alloy wheel Rim Spoke Wheel Tire

Drag 31


Alloy wheel Rim Wheel Spoke Tire

Drag 34

The only concern is the offset thats offer for both wheels. The Drag 31 18x8 offers offset +35 or +48 and the Drag 34 18x8 offers offset +35 or +47.

In my opinion +35 might stick out a tad and +47/+48 would just look stock which it isn't flush to the fender. I just want some opinion and recommendation.
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Get these in 19s.... 18's on these make you look like your driving a Corolla haha, come on bud.
Looked at 19s and rubber is hard to come by. Go for 20s. Much more selection.
Both are beautiful but I like Drag 34 more! I would like to see how the VT looks with 20s on, if they fit!!!
I like the look of the 34s a lot more. Whatever gets you flush should be the right offset. That will look sick when its all said and done!
It is a coin flip for me, can go wronf with either one. I might be leaning more to the 31.
Would the offset of +35 for 18x8 poking out too much?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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