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Petrol Grey Anyone?

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I've just ordered a Petrol Grey VT. Was torn over that or the Young Gun. There does not seem to be many owners on this forum?? I'd love to see other pics .
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What color trim did you score it with?
Ours is only one choice in aus its a daRk grey.
I just cant wait biggiant... petrol grey rocks..mines not in production yet... omg..
This is the sixth week in production. Getting closer. No ETA yet. Plates have arrived, however dog just cost me my new exhaust system last night at the Emergency Vet. I'm talking 1500 bucks..
Hmmm after getting the run around today I foumd out my car hadnt really been in priduction at all and it had only just begun. Eta another 2 months. So I rang dealer and blew up delux. They found me a car to arrive in 9 days...
Don't blame you at all for going ballistic. Hope it all happens for you now.
I'd say on timings this was my car anyway... I would also say that someone who paid more was going to get it first..thats why I was never given a VIN.
Hey cool! I simply adore the petrol grey. As TM said they are just so simple to look after. Jump over to the main forum most of the activity happens in there. Lots of info and advice. Get a good dark tint. Mine is 18 percent solartint brand. 5 percent on upper window.
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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