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Phoenix Area Meet - April 7th

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Hey just figured I would make this post here instead of the AZ VT Owners area.

A couple of us are thinking of meeting at Tempe Marketplace this coming Sunday. Good way to get to know the others from the forum so we can all help each other if there is some mod you want to do or just want to get others together and possibly do a drive sometime. Was thinking of meeting around 3pm, i know i said later in the other post, but I'm sure most of us will probably be there a while talking so showing up by 5 would probably be nice. I was thinking of meeting somewhere near the AMC Theater, there is usually empty space around there, plus close to a bar if anyone gets hungry.

Hope to see many of you there!
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I should be too..
See you there. Any update on location let us know.
If Everyone is ok with near the AMC theater in tempe marketplace. will see you all there. I will prob just head there at 2:30 from PHX so ill be there around 3
Great discussion thanks for all the information :smile:

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Nice talking with you also. Nice pics. I didn't even know you took them.
Good time...great discussions...LOTS of ideas! Good to meet ya'll!
Hopefully I will be at the next meet with mine. Still in the purchasing process.
Hopefully I will be at the next meet with mine. Still in the purchasing process.
sweet....hope to plan a canyon cruise type meet as well...thinking like out Gold Canyon/Globe area thru Salt River canyon up north for lunch and then back...or up to Prescott and down Skull valley/Yarnell hill...or up thru Prescott Valley up Mingus mtn thru Jerome to Sedona for lunch and back...etc...
Me too....just need to figure out when and where...
Im in just as long as i can either take a vaca day or have it on a wed/thurs.
TDT 2013 it is!
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