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Piercemotorsports rear trunk brace/upper chassis brace

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Hey guys, we built this for Stephan today---he was looking for a way to tie down his gear in the back and doesn't have kids so we anchored into the two child seat hooks back there and built the bar in between. We added a couple of hooks for bungee's/straps so you can clip in. I personally don't think there's much of a performance gain to the bar, although I did jig it and I'm building another bar/ taking it to the track on Thursday---I'll run 5 laps with it and then 5 laps without it and between my "assometer" and the data system we have we'll be able to quantify any performance gains...anyrate we built it out of chromoly like all our products and I just weighed it and it's under 2lbs---super rigid/strong. I think we're going to add it to the catalog if anyone is interested---it's super simple to make---and even easier to install. It can be installed under or over the carpet---but if you have the mat and wanted it on top you'd have to trim the mat (and let us know to space it up accordingly). We'll offer it in color choices like all our stuff---here's a couple pics of Stephans bar-

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Thanks guys---it's just a simple piece, but it's super strong/light...I have a prototype rear torsion bar on the car now---it's nearly identical to the whiteline design/attaches the same way and clears everything just fine---I'm headed to the track and we'll see how it performs---after that I'm onto a rear swaybar. I'll take some pics over the weekend.
:smile: can't wait to see how this turns out!

p.s. jim, I will be taking my VT to a local road course this Sunday, any tips for the VT? I have to do everything I can to post a faster time than my buddy's Mini!
Absolutely---if you can get to an alignment shop/have coilovers or a way to get some negative camber in the front that'll be huge---get as much negative camber in the front as you can---toe it out an 1/8"---I'd start the front tire pressures pretty low---like around 30-32lbs cold---the backs maybe 36-38lbs cold---biggest thing is trying to get rid of the push. Your first 3 laps is where your going to get your best times (after you've figured out the track/setup etc) as the tires go off/IC heat soaks and you start to loose performance. I'd run 70-80% in the beginning sessions learning the track---if it's timed maybe just click off a fast one so your buddy doesn't think your sandbagging---then at the middle/end of the day when you've got it figured out head out behind a faster car and try an keep up for the first 3 laps---I mean really burn it down trying to keep up and I'll bet you'll tick off a good one.
Do you run with the traction control on or off? what about the Stability control?
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