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Plastidip/ Paint stock wheels

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I have much experience plastidipping other cars, and random materials and textures. And the stuff works, theres no way to F it up, you can even get overspray all over the side of ur car and wipe it off with 1 swipe of a microfiber towl. Depending on the style of painting you can get anywhere from a gloss look to chucky matte finish (my favorite). And the stuff DID NOT come off over the year and a half I used it, however it takes only 2-20 mins to remove from a wheel depending on how many edges it has. I would recommend it to anyone whos car isnt garage kept, as it will prevent a scratched rim unless it takes a hard hit. $5 of plastidip and an hour of painting is much better than having the wheels sanded and repainted. I just figured id put my thoughts and experiences with it out there, i give the product 10/10. The only downside is the more chunky the finish is, the more brake dust it accumulates, and it loves to stick and leave a brownish tint although it can be easily cleaned off.

Today before work I only spent 30 mins quickly doing a wheel to see how it turns out. Its a very crap job, a chunky matte finish, and I rushed, about 5 mins between coats lol so it is very uneven. But it still gives an image of what it would. I personally think it looks neat having the crome razerblades although the blades might also look good in Blaze Blue plastidip. The second pic is neon rims that was on about a year and 5 months, and they looked the same as the day i painted them when i sold the car. Thats matte black and its hard to see in the lighting but with about 10-12 dusting coats it gets a beautiful glossy sheen but not quite as glossy as a clear coat.
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Now my question is: What do you guys think is the best way to paint my wheels, I love the paint on the BRZ wheels. The picture doesnt do it justice you have to see it at a dealership. Its a dark glossy black yet it has these little silver sparkles.

If I paint it ill have it professionally done, probably powdercoated. I honestly dont know how much that cost for 4 wheels or how hard it would be to do. I would love to get this look from plastidip using the matte black, 1-2 coats of silver flake, and a thick layer of clear. However I feel like it would become to many coats to get my desired effect and cause a blotchy or very very rough finish. Rubbing it with a microfiber cloth for a bit will smooth out the finish but I dont know if it will look nearly as good. Does anyone know the cost of powdercoating 4 wheels with that kind of paint?
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I was quoted $150 per wheel & that was matched to petrol grey matte
Yeah that was everything left to the panel shop, takes 5 days
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