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Possible new Veloster Turbo owner

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Hey guys,

Wife is pretty set on trading in her daily beater the 2011 Elantra for a 2013 Veloster Turbo AT in white. Went for a test drive on saturday and are planning on ironing out the details and getting it done this coming week.

Had a couple of questions.

First. During the test drive, the car seemed... ungodly slow. She will be getting an AT as her commute is 50 miles each direction with ugly traffic. The car felt... around the same as the elantra. I think i had read that the car cuts boost when its low on gas? I think the tank said that there was only 13 or 17 miles left and was on the last notch of gas left. I was wondering if this was true? I also took it for a quick spin as well, and could not feel the turbo spooling up, or any torque surge from hitting boost. I am sure it did not help that we had been driving around all day in my gtr, and we also took the gtr to the dealership. but still it seemed quite a bit more snailish than we were expecting. We had a 2005 minicooper S AT, and it felt much slower than that car.

Second. Is there anything specific about the car or problems I should know about before we jump head in that could make it an unreliable daily? I have read around a bit in the forums, and it does not seem that there were any anything particular other than rattles, which I expect in most cars anyways. I have rattles in every car ive owned... so me and my wife have gotten immune to it. FD, 350z, minicooper, s5, gtr, elantra.

Third. What are the thoughts on the ultimate package? It seems like a pretty nice value, but the problem is we dont really use any of the features that are included. it just the cheap price of 2500 for everything that is kind of drawing me to it. And also the two tone roof, due to the panoramic sunroof. I am thinking I will probably just not get the package, and plastidip the roof black and call it a day. I really like the Veloster with a black roof to set off the car.

Anyways, thanks for any help you guys can provide. I am a modder/forum rat when it comes to my cars, so I have to slowly try and ease my wife into letting my mod the veloster... I am waiting on better canned tunes to come out and be tried and true, and it seems there is alot of power to be had in that department which is always nice.

Oh... and my wife is quite pissed about the Re-Mix edition... wtf? lol. She loves the rims (I do too) and does not understand why they arent offered on the turbo model. bah.. and i bet itll be an option or on the turbo for 2014... T_T
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Drive the non-turbo Veloster and then come back and call the Turbo ungodly slow.:haha:
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