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Power loss/change after service

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I took my car in to have the A/C condenser replaced. Once I picked up the car I noticed it felt a little different. Drove back to work but over the last week it's been very noticeable. There used to be a power surge starting from about 2K rpm, peaking around 3K, then dropping slightly and remaining somewhat steady from there up. All of which is the turbo. However, now, I feel a much slower boost. It starts around 2K again but rises slowly until after 4K then levels off. I checked this with the Torque app and sure enough, pretty much linear boost increase to around 18psi at 4-4.5K. Before it used to spike around 20psi at 3K then drop to 18ish after that.

I get the feeling there may be a small boost leak somewhere, not enough to do much harm but enough that it takes more time for the turbo to build it up. The dealership had to remove the bumper to replace the condenser, is there anything in that process that would effect the IC piping? I really don't know what to think and I'm getting a not-so-good vibe from this dealership. I took it in for an oil change last month and since then, every time i get the car back from them something is different. First it was the condenser, and now the power loss.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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The condenser replacement shouldn't have required pulling the IC or anything to my knowledge. The Tech manual for the car confirms this. However, was there a software update on your ECU while you were there? I have noticed my car act funny after there's been an update, but after a day or two of driving its usually back to normal. This is usually done as a "TSB" which is like a Hyundai internal way of fixing things before they become a mandated recall, or just making something the way it should have been from the factory.
If they did any update I haven't been aware of it. I thought about that and checked the service receipt but it wasn't mentioned. I recently had the speakers TSB done, but it drove fine after that. Is there a way to find out if anything was done?
They would have disconnected the battery while it was in there .. that would have reset the ECU.
From what I've read though, a reset shouldn't cause what I've been experiencing.
tuned or stock ecu
Full stock. Only thing I have done is remove the magnet that's inside the airbox.
Could be just a reset negative battery cable removed and your ecu is relearning or possibly an update but i would imagine that they would have mentioned or at least put on your paperwork that it was updated
I'll give it some more time and see if it adjusts, but it's already been a week.

Side note I just remembered, I was pulling out of the dealership into heavy traffic (car was already fully warm), I got on the gas in first and it took off like normal then there was a pop/bang/loud noise but I though nothing of it. Figured it was a bump I didn't see or the traction control kicking in. Doubt that means anything but I figure the more information I can give, the better. I just remember thinking, "that was weird" and I can't recall having felt the "normal" boost since then.
I'm thinking it's just because of the ECU reset. Put your car back to before it learned your driving style, give it a little and it will relearn the way you drive.
Everyone was right. It's been another week and it's back to normal. I guess it just took longer than I thought it should.
I would bet ECU reset...mine has acted like yours. Best way back is not to baby the engine...start using the paddle shifters and running up the rpms to 4. Once the brain knows you like to sport around it will begin responding like it use to before the dealer visit.
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