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Probable late summer BBQ and install day at my house. (Utica, MI)

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I was thinking about this the other day and I was thinking that we could have a BBQ and an install day at my house late this summer for the local VTarbs. I figured I would post this now and try to raise some interest.

I would be willing to install FMIC kits (mine obviously), any CAI/SRI's, Springs, chassis bars, exhausts, etc.

We have room for about 10-12 cars between my driveway and garage and then there is a good amount of road frontage for parking.

We will supply everything here from tools to food to cups/plates/utensils/plates/etc.

I will get a list together of prospects:

1. Turbosocks
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Can I come if I have nothing to be installed? Or maybe I will buy the SRI!?
I'm trying to get the CFO to approve the SRI. :wink: I'd like to get into wrenching on my VT. I was never a hands on guy with my Acura.

(I was just askin. Don't laugh at me guys or I won't give you the presents I was going to give on Sunday, but they aren't finished yet.)
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