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Proximity Key

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hey all - so questions here - the small silver button on my proximity key does not have a manual key at all. So i guess thats just there for show? I dont have a ignition hole for the key anyway.

Next question - how do i 'program' my key so all doors open when im about to open the driver door?

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whats an owners manual? isnt that what forums are for?
paperweight, or burning material if you ever get stranded :p
I like that the VT doesn't carry a spare.

Back in the day they made LeMans cars carry a spare until that became a ridiculous design constraint.

With super low profile tires you won't get a blow out and tire pressure monitoring gives you plenty of time to pull off and tend to the problem. And if you read the owner's manual Hyundai Assurance covers you for 5yrs/60,000 miles for a flat tire. According to the manual Hyundai has to send a matching wheel and tire for any car that doesn't carry a spare and not just a temporary spare.
Can you let me know what section/page to look at for this info?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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