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Question about lowering

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This is my first "tuner" car and I'm not a huge grease monkey so I don't have a huge understanding about everything. I'm planning on getting eibach pro kit lowering springs. So my question is....what I'm I going to have to do to ensure that my car drives good as well as keep my shocks and struts and all that intact and able to drive on lowering springs for a long period I time. Cause after reading threads about lowering springs, it seems like it's not as easy as installing them and that's it ha
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I know that one of the Eibach Pro Kit users on here seems to be having shock/strut issues after aprox 2500miles because of the extreme drop. I would say you have three options.
1) Get shocks/struts that are made for that drop.
2) Go with a less extreme drop.
3) Get coilovers which would be about the same price as springs, shocks & struts.
I went with the GT-Fs because it was a moderate drop and ARK built them to be used with the stock struts/shocks. I have had them on for over 1.5k with no issues but that isn't a long period of time. The listed drop was 1in front and .75 rear for the GT-Fs but i actually got 1.3 from them. This added drop may cause a problem down the road, but it hasn't yet.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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