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Questions about replacing stock tires

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Replacing the stock rims on my elite white VT soon and I had a couple of questions. Decided on these rims:

Sparco Assetto Gara Red Painted

I'm wondering if these rims are going to be able to fit with the stock tires or am I going to have to buy new tires as well?

Also pretty much the same question in regards to the TPMS sensors. Are they going to be transferrable to the new wheels or am I going to have to buy new sensors?

I'm purchasing these rims from tirerack and getting them professionally installed if that makes a difference.
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If you have the factory Kumhos or Michelins you will be fine; they both have a Rim Width Range of 7.0" - 8.5".
You do not need to purchase new sensors. Your sensors will transfer over to the new rims. If I am not mistaken, you have snap on dill sensors. Basically the tpms, the actual sensor in your rims, are connected on the bottom of a VS-950 dill rubber valve stem. Depending on where you go, you will buy a new valve stem specifically designed for that sensor. At costco we charge $2.30 for them each. Discount tire charges $7.50.

This is how your sensor looks attached to the valve stem.

This is what discount tire sales you for $7.50
Auto part Tool

This is exactly what costco sales for $2.30 EACH
Auto part Electronic component
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Thanks! Exactly the answer I was looking for.
Thanks! Exactly the answer I was looking for.
Hey man no problem, glad we could help you out man. Just $20. You can wire it to UHF3 and myself anytime and how you want =) jk
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