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Radar detectors

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ok who has them , who has what , and what are your experiences, espcially if your up here in the great white north (canada) where there mostly illegal

i just ordered an escort redline ( which is at the momment radar detector proof ), im going to do allmost all hwy driving with it.

and im thinking i might get a laser jammer too.
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I have never ran one. But some of my other buddies with stupid fast cars seem to rely on Valentine1s

i had a v1 , it was ok, but detectable by specter radar , radar detectors, the redline seems to be best for hwy due to its extreme range, should get mine on the 24th acording to ups ,
out of curiousity, why start that thread if you poo-poo the first reply and already have you mind made up on which one you feel is the best?

because i want to hear if anyone else has had good or bad stories . i didnt poo poo the v1 , i said it was ok, but for where i live i can not use it , its not radar proof

gotcha.....your choices are very limited if you want an undetectable one, aren't they?

theres 4 2 are dash mount sti magnum , and escort redline, the other 2 are built in
The VT has definitely put me in the market for a radar/laser detector because it can so easily do 20+ mph over the speed limit - which in most states means reckless driving and being arrested.

I'm a decade or two behind the current technology. What I need is an early warning that police are using speed detection devices miles before I encounter them. I don't need a radar detector to go off as I'm being hit by current instant-on technology. And I don't need a detector that can be detected and can get me arrested either.

The VT's quiet exhaust saved me today. Now that I'm in Kentucky the roads are a lot more twisty and open and I've been driving a lot more aggressively. I rolled up hard on a police car that was sitting just past the fun part of a road. He didn't have a radar gun out and I was able to slow down before I passed him. If I had been roaring through that stretch of road he might have heard me and looked up.
i went with the redline , due to its extreme range, i wont be using it in the city streets mostly highway

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