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Rebuild or find used motor

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Advice on what’s a better financial decision?

I had a Number #2 misfire that came back twice until it’s final doom. Both times I changed plugs, #2 was one nasty burnt cookie crumb mess. #1 and #4 were always perfect, #3 was Iffy but nothing like #2.
Currently have top end torn off, looking like valves, rings.. and I’m thinking turbo, that had a flutter before the pop and some super weird inconsistent oil consumption. And by pop I don’t mean a whole in the block, I mean pop as in the final random misfire that I couldn’t shake. It’s final drive was sketchy. I was about 3 hours away from home when it started to misfire. I had to travel a large steep hill for about 30 miles, almost to the top she misfired. Was still about 100 miles from home, limped it back on 3 or possible even 2 cylinders. Made it but she’s done.
So it led me to the top end coming off and finding this. Best I found-for a used motor, from reputable site, with a warranty is near 5k, with some with a 90 day warranty and some without.. should I rebuild this thing? And with what? Where could I get most of the parts in one place? Nothing worse than ordering from multiple sites and having altered shipping. At a standstill not sure where to go

2015 Veloster Turbo- 118k
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