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Regarding bluelink

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Hey Veloster turbo fam. Had a questions about bluelink. I saw that the price was $100 a year and I tried it out on one of my old android phones and I think it is pretty neat. Does anyone use it regularly and think it is worth it? I have a windows phone and was thinking about getting a nexus 4 so I could take advantage of it. Still have about 3 months with it free before I get charged.
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So far, I've not seen much use for it. The remote start is fun the first 2 times, but then it gets a shoulder shrug. As stated above it's more cost effective to have a remote start system installed. It would also be much more reliable. I've had the remote start feature work 4 of the 7 times I've attempted to use it. On those occasions where it does work, it still takes several minutes to actually start up. As far as using the service for navigation, no thanks. I've got Google Maps for free.
I just don't want another fob on my key ring :shrug:
Yeah I can see that. If the app started the car up quickly and consistently I'd be with ya.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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