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yep miss seeing that car around Arcadia..
I'm sure I've seen your car around these areas too. Well I've seen a good number of VT's around here, not sure who's who though from this forum :p

I miss my VT lots never been stopped so many times in life and told cool car. People woild go out there way to look or Say something.
Now that you mention it, I actually got a lot of compliments on the VT. Not a single one on my current. HA

what did you guys buy instead?
A 2016 BMW X1, she's nothing special or fast, doesn't handle like the VT on a few suspension mods, but all the same a good car.

im more interested in the roof rack, are those easy to install... i can barely move a wrench. what brand is that too? do they come in 2 kayak options?
Very easy to install. Those are from Rola and I chose them specifically because they were easy on the wallet and because of their design. I doubt you could fit 2 kayaks on top of the VT in a safe manner. That yak is a Malibu Kayak, one of the smaller yaks you can buy on the market at ~9'. The VT carried her with no problem though.

Hyperion, what was his (her?) name?
Her name was Hyuna!
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