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Removing Scratches

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So my wife decided to put a 35 lb. of dog food on my black VT and then drag it off leaving a mess of surface scratches! After the smoke stopped coming out of my ears I went out and bought a surface scratch remover from autozone (can't remember the brand), but it didn't work. Before I keep spending money, does anyone have one to recommend that you actually have experience with??
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My simple and effective process for anyone to remove scratches:

1) Buy a good polisher, many recommend the Porter Cable, I personally use a Shurhold.
2) Buy some good 3-5 step polishes and scratch removers along with their recommended pads, I use Adam's products but there are many good ones out there.
3) Buy a panel from a junkyard with decent paint to learn on.
4) Spend hours learning what you can and cant do with your equipment and products on the spare panel.
5) You have probably used all the product you bought, so buy more of what you liked and what worked, and some other stuff to try.

You are now able to fix your current scratches and any in the future. This process will probably cost about the same as a good body shop, but if you have time it will be well worth it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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