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So this is my first DIY mod that I have ever written or have just done on my own making it as I go. So be kind lol actually I don’t care rip it a new one if you wish, I just thought I would share.

So what prompted me to this was I hate (well that might not be the best word for but it will have to do) the reverse lockout on our. It has a way to big lockout cylinder and because this limits the shift knobs we can choose for aftermarket and I find the lip of the area that cups the knob sharp and hurts my fingers (because I can’t stop from playing with shit my fingers touch). So I sought a way to fix this.

Now before I get into what I did I have to ask why did no one make an aftermarket reverse lockout for our car I see dozens for a FRS/BRS or WRX but nothing for us and it is a simple part to replace look at it.

Auto part Wheel Metal

It would be easy for them to make a better version of this out of aluminum with a smaller lockout cylinder area and it would be as easy to change as a lightbulb a lamp. My 2 cents on that.

So the good stuff.
It’s not to hard.
Parts ( you can see them in the above photo as well)
FRS reverse lockout - found one on amazon for $10
3/4 pvc thread connector - hardware store 68 cents
5/8 by 2in compression spring - found at menards 68 cents
Epoxy - anywhere i got a 2 part by gorilla for about $5.50

Drill and bits
Hacksaw or some sorta grinder
Small flathead screwdriver
paper plate - for epoxy

1. Remove knob/boot/lockout and take apart in there separate pieces
Taking the boot off the lockout is a little work but the black piece and silver piece pulls right out just give it a little force and they come apart, getting the boot of the white plastic piece is a little harder as it’s glued so a little light prying and there is needed but comes off with a little patients

2. Take the 3/4 pvc connector and cut/grind about half off I cut to just below the nut to give move space for it to but up to the black piece in the lockout assembly. I then used the small flat head to carve out a grove for the black piece has an orientation line on it. Next I used a drill and placed two holes in it for the locking clips on the black piece.
Nut Floor Household hardware Wood Hardware accessory
Nut Household hardware Fastener Metal Hardware accessory

3. Epoxy the sucker in the FRS reverse lockout.
Now can see I shortened the lockout cylinder on here but I’m not sure it’s needed I was just afraid it was too long when I got it and was not sure what direction I was going but it might need it it might not but I know I cut it shorter then it needs to be
Auto part Wheel Hardware accessory
Metal Floor Flooring Table Hardwood

4. You will needto cut the top of the boots stitching about 3/4 of an inch to get the lockout in and then zip tie the boot to secure it.

5. When you put it in there is no difference then with the original but we use the new spring.
(I don’t have photos of this yet be it’s late but here is a test fit with out the boot)
Vehicle Car Auto part Gear shift Subcompact car
Vehicle Car Gear shift Auto part Center console

It feels great, looks great and when you go to get a new knob anything that fits an frs or wrx will fit our cars as long as we find the right thread size for the shifter.

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Not sure why they didn’t design the lockout to be where you push down on the knob to activate it... I also think a reverse lockout delete would be a nice alternative.

The ECM should automatically lock reverse out if the car is determined to be in forward motion by the vehicle speed sensors, but it is what it is.

That being said, very nice DIY. I’m going to do you a solid and polish this up a bit so it’s cleaner, then I will sticky it.
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