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Riktar build thread

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Hello all,

This has been a long time coming, have a few of these pics floating around but about time i get my stuff together and post a proper build thread for my 2013 6mt Base VT.

My previous car was a 2004 G35 coupe with quite a bit of blood / sweat/ tears invested. I wasn't in the market for a new car, but my G was fully paid off, and I werre considering getting a more convenient vehicle. Her lease for her 2011 elantra sedan was up so as her and her sister were both trading in their lease I wander off and see this interesting looking car, the EQUUS:p lol

After messing with the back seat fridge and touching every knob conceivable, I made my way to the VT and was very surprised at what i was seeing. the vultur... er i mean the dealer saw me and made his way and asked if i wanted to take it for a spin, 25 minutes later I come back with a smile on my face and I was quite impressed with how nimble it was. The G had torque and quite a bit of engine, but it was a porker and you could feel it. On my drive back, I couldn't stop thinking about the VT and went online that night and did some extensive research. Few more trips to the dealer, countless phone calls, and 1 more test drive later, i picked up my White VT in april 2013. Took my wife for a spin, and what do you know, 2 days later she picks one up too in black.

originally i wanted to keep it stock *lol* as the G was modified at just about every aspect and it was very low, loud, and stiff, and the wife wasn't gonna have that again. But as i discovered this damned website, I made peace with the fact that it wasn't gonna remain stock for much longer.

The G before i sold it

How it sounded

on to the VT pics!!

Stock pic + Mud guard (maybe a week in)

blacked out tails

black out tails + reflectors

Wife got jealous so she made me do hers as well :p

Dipped logo (oh btw my sister in law ended up snatching one up too looool)

Installed Hella Super tones Horns + first car wash pics

then this showed up

then this came off :p

Dipped OEM wheels + eibach sportline + JP Rear Torsion

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TS CAI + Rigid Collars + JP VTOne strut bar

Picked up Wheels for a hell of a deal on CL

Painted Calipers Red (g2 paint)

New Wheel Setup

Installed TRS Morimoto HID Kit + G4 Hid Kit for fog light (both @6k)
Before (left) - After (right)


V1(bottom) and V2 (top) ended up going with the V2

Dipped the V white and here it is mounted.

Installed 845 Catless downpipe with o2 fouler.

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So the 845 Catless proved to be a bit too loud for my needs, it wakes the f*ck up out of the car, but with a newborn otw I'd rather keep it somewhat tame. I went ahead and ordered Pierce's HFC and 5 days later it was at my door and 2 days later it was on and roaring. This us tame all the way until 3.5k and then roars. I'm gonna miss the crackle and pops of catless pipes but this is a good compromise I feel.

Pic of it installed

I'll clean it up over the weekend and have some sound clips ready.

Funny story: I pick up the car and Rev it and hear a Wiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss... So I'm like wth, an exhaust leak at the turbo perhaps? Take it out wit torque monitoring and notice 0 boost. So I bring it back, lift it up and the mechanic forgot to mount the clamp on the tork pipe lol it blew it off and just hung there lol. Felt like driving a loud NAV lol

Here are videos of the Pierce HFC + Magnaflow Catback
Cold Start - Inside the cabin

From outside:
-Idle - Low / mid /high revs

3k Rpm - Redline (2nd gear)

Also Installed GP Thunder 8500k
Compared to the LED i'm taking out


With 6k TRS HID Kit - Closer match than the pictures show.

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And some moar!
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and then a little bite moar!
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Amazing, amazing job! I would just like to point out that you and the Mrs. had a license plate one number apart...and now you have Psshhh. Did she get Psshhh2? Or something really cool like yours?

Can't wait to see MOAR!!! You #represent well, brother!!
thanks for the compliments! haha i should try and get the wife to get one!
Where u get those red horns from bro those r nice the whole car is beautiful

Where u get those red horns from bro those r nice the whole car is beautiful

Hella SuperTone Horn Kit, 118 db : : Automotive

these are it. tapped relay into stock horns for all horns go off at once :p mounting them was a PITA tho.
Looking good!
Looks amazing. Great job!
nice choice of wheels
Call me silly, but I like how you can kinda of see the hella horns through the grill. Those little off color mods are awesome.
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The car looks awesome! What did you or your sis in law use on the Boston Red VT for the inserts? I contemplated just doing the inserts, but I don't know the color that would match best on the BR.
Thanks for the kind words.

Yea we did the grill logo in red, the wheels in black and the inserts in plastidip red and it came out nice. Blacked out the trunk as well.
Love love love it!
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missing a TS FMIC to fill out the grill :p I need to just jump the gun and pull the trigger.
sweet! my wife loves my car, but not enough to own one! it would be awesome though lol
Lovin it Riktar, making me think I may change some of my blue pieces to black pieces..... Im installing my rigid collars today
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