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Roof racks and VT's!

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One of my Xmas presents was the Yakima Q Towers and clips, 58" roundbars, and the Yakima Big Powderhound ski/board rack. My fairing for it came in on Friday while I was already on my roadtrip, so I'll pick that up this week and slap it on. First off, the VT looks AWESOME with a roof rack. Totally a roof rack car.

I was really happy to save my interior from sliding boards in and out, and be able to carry more people and gear in the car. There are some downsides though. I usually average somewhere around 30mpg. With the rack and boards I was around 25mpg. It also whistled like crazy. I used Yakima's reccomended measurments for rack placement. I'm hoping that toying with positioning and adding the fairing I can get rid of the whistling and get a couple MPG's back, because I'd love to just leave the rack on full time. Anyone else running a rack and have any luck with any of these issues?
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at least you are using the roof rack for transporting your equipment and not just as a wind drag multiplying sticker holder like most people do.
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