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Scan Tool Readings Help

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Hi everyone! I’m looking to see if anyone has any knowledge when it comes to reading the data from a scan tool. I took pictures of some of the data to ask you guys if it looks normal. I have 125k miles on a ‘14 A/T Turbo. Mods include an HPS hot pipe, GoFastBits BOV, and a catback exhaust. Factory tune.

Just seems the fuel mileage has dipped. I’ve replaced the plugs and coil packs. I was running an injen SRI but I removed it and put the factory one back on thinking that may have lead to more fuel consumption and a lack of get up and go so to speak.

Any input is welcome. I appreciate it!

P.S.- Car was at idle and up to operating temp.


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Normal other than a high LTFT. MPG change may be due to that or many other factors. Car probably needs a lot of proper maintenance.
What kind of maintenance exactly? I do oil and filter changes every 3k-4k miles. Full synthetic. Hyundai oil filter. Plugs and coils are new. Antifreeze has been drained and replaced. What else do I need to look at doing?
Using parts, fluids, and replacement schedules known to keep the car in top operating condition.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts