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SFR ECU Tuning Coming

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I am so excited about whoever gets the tuning cracked first. I am going to be ready for a tune before 2013.

Finishing touches are being done on the FMIC kit right now, going to quiet down the exhaust and then try to get a stock turbo/turbofold unit to look into porting things.
Ha.. When I got this car, I was hoping it kinda felt like the skittle did because the power wasn't THAT much lower.. I got a rude awakening. Whereas the SRTs were typically under-rated in power, this car felt over-rated a bit.

The SRT also responded to bolt-ons better in my opinion. While I do like everything else about the car much better than the SRT (tech, comfort, audio, etc.) I don't think it will be quite as easy to jump into the 300hp area because of the small displacement, smaller turbo and not being geared/engineered FOR power (I assume) like the SRT was.

I would like to HOPE that 300whp would be attainable on the stock motor without issue but with the sleeved block mixed and no idea how strong the internals might be, it may be pushing it.

To reach 300whp on this car, I see a turbo upgrade definitely, not to mention a clutch upgrade.

With the SRT, you could attain 300 on a stock or ported turbo and the stock clutch..
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Hopefully the Gen coupe can be used as an example of how well the motor is built as far as precision, strength, durability.

Although, as our 1.6L is pretty close to the NA V, I have my doubts. The 2.0t was meant to withstand power from the getgo while it seems the 1.6T was more of an afterthought. Hopefully it was over-engineered to be able to take the stress of not only more power from the turbo but bumping it up well beyond that.

The turbo should be good for a bit more oomph also. Tune + higher stable boost levels coupled with meth injection and a high efficiency intercooler should put the car in at least the 275 range if the motor/internals can withstand it.
1 - 3 of 54 Posts
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