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SFR ECU Tuning Coming

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Any news on the VT stock tune?
Ditto. x2
Tune, Tune, TUNE, TUNE!!! Hehe . . . :crazy:
Haha! Ditto! ! Any price points yet?
So, messing with, or changing the ecu with a tune will automatically wreck your engine? Why are people so against this again? Couldn't there be a function to switch between the oem version and the tuned version?
I want the tune myself, but wont get it till after the car is at least paid off, where i have funds for such a thing and a five year record of the effects of a tune on other people VTs. hehe
Funny, or smart ;) :D
You guys really should read up on the various SFR tunes, both on the SFR website and on Sonata, Optima and Genesis Coupe forums. Lots of the comments and info posted in this thread is very much incorrect.
I don't have the time at this moment to find and read about said forums, but perhaps you can shed a little bit of light on what you are saying about being incorrect? Are the statements made incorrect or the fears of wrecking an engine or dealing with the dealer after a tune incorrect? I know I'd appreciate it. TIA
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1 - 6 of 54 Posts
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