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Shifting second to third issue

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Not sure if this is something that can be adjusted but when I shift to third I have to sometimes re-clutch to engage or put more effort to engage. No grinding just not as smooth shift like the other gears. Could this be a break-in issue and gets better with time?
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After driving my Turbo for a month, I have had no problem at all shifting into 3rd or any other gear for that matter. This may be a warranty issue.
Only shifting problem I had was getting it to go reverse for the first time....driving Honda 6 speeds, I was used to reverse being near 6th gear lol. Needless to say trying to reverse in 6th gear was fun lol

Everything here shifts smoothly...1 week ownership and 1k miles o_O
yeah, the shifter is really smooth and easy. i never miss gears.
Lol, Thanks for the input. nothing's more fun than spending time at the dealer for service work. :crazy:
My shifting is rather smooth but you can feel where it disengages and then re-engages where the rollers are in the mechanism. No grinding or lock -outs definitely should not be having those issues.
I have hardest time getting it into Reverse ! and sometimes i have to attemt to put it in first with more effort than other gears! but hopefully that breaks in eventually cause if not i'm won't be a happy camper..nothings grinding so thats good!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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