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Shout out for the Tennessee and Kentucky VT owners

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Where you all be?
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Oh lol derrrrr haha Clarksville Tn or Fort Campbell!!!
Where on Campbell I'm the Boston red VT near gate 7
I live down Tiny Town. I saw that Boston Red after I bought mine and that the was ultimate edition huh? I saw it a few times coming down gate 10 area. I work at Air Assault Auto. You usually see me parked in the front near the sign. :D Awesome that we have some VT owners in campbell.
Non ultimate there 's another Boston red ultimate
I actually live off of preacher 's mill and 101 but I worth over by gate 7.
Since joebmoore4 and 3Sxturbo live on post. We started back up the hot dog Fridays, 3rd week of the month for several months. Anyways we have it coming up on the 19th from 1100 to 1300. Free hot dogs, chips, and drinks!!! We might have some specials and I believe we will have WIX the hummer out there. It's for the soldiers. Spread the word!
Sounds cool just got make sure not to forget.
wish i could make it but im down in alabama for school then once i come back i head to my unit...we are always training
Ah jrtc fun times. When to ntc and high alt training in Co
Jrtc wasn't my favorite.
I wish. ill be back late june. i leave this friday. blah... Trying to figure out how to install these HID's. about to go buy a tool set and some buckets to was the car. getting tint tomorrow. decided 20% all the way around.
Be careful they have been ticketing people like crazy for tint.
It's annoying.
They made the guy that bought my base model it'll his tint off even though the dealer sold it to him with the tint on it
Murfreesboro, TN here!
Really? a buddy and I should be heading down there either next weekend or the weekend after to go to the pick a part, looking for some parts for fox bodies
Dammit just saw your post. I knows cheap towing company locally
I just got my keys today so I tall depends on how fast I can move in
Hope to join up with you guys soon.
Yeah were hoping to see you soon, and trying to get ahold of the white VT so we have one of each color
Looking for some help with fmic, tb, and vacuum block install this weekend trying to get ready for tork even this month
Jackson, I'm from California so how far from Campbell are you?
I can see about arranging something, but my car needs new plugs and bumper fixed. Should be done no later than mid next week. I think oppery mills area would be an easy location
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Saturdays are good if we plan it in Nashville we can do cars and coffee as well.
Would everyone be able to do cars and coffee? It's st 8 am in Nashville.
People can meet there hangout and we can do a mini cruise
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This is going to be more difficult than expected...
Import alliance anyone lol
9th annual ImportAlliance Summer Meet ’14. The event will be Saturday July 19th 2014 from 9am to 5pm and Sunday July 20th 2014 from 9am to 5pm and will take place at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY(between Louisville and Cincinnati).
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