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Shout out for the Tennessee and Kentucky VT owners

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Where you all be?
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Marathon Blue VT, Fort Campbell, Lee Park, Gate 7, holla
wish i could make it but im down in alabama for school then once i come back i head to my unit...we are always training
Im live by gate 6.......I have been flashing my lights at all vt on post just to say whats up.....we all should meet up some time
how about if we all meet up at the clarksville track friday night 24th, for midnight madness
I wish. ill be back late june. i leave this friday. blah... Trying to figure out how to install these HID's. about to go buy a tool set and some buckets to was the car. getting tint tomorrow. decided 20% all the way around.
I understand......I leave mon
is anyone trying to hang out this weekend :question:
is anyone down for meeting up this weekend just to chat....i will be at the clarksville track on friday for midnight madness, just to make a name for the vt.....other than that im down for whatever
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We can meet up at walmart on 41a near gate seven......Around 1000......for those that want to far as u vtdawg......will have to do something more family no one left a barbecue or something.......hell if ya want we can this saturday
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to wake this thread up just to see is everyone is alive and well....I know it's been a while.......and I have been doing non-stop training......just trying to if anyone wants to get together as a group again before the turns for the worse
Well sorry guy I was trying to get us together.....and come to find out I cant get home.......due the government being shutdown......our military helicopters can't fly home......cause we don't have gas I'm stuck in fort Polk......

On the other hand......silvertipp......I hope you get to feeling better and your insurance gets u back up and running again.
I don't really remember but I believe Hyundai will pay the difference for a new on if your car gets totaled........I think that's what the lady said when I signed the dotted line......might want to check into that
Well I'm finally home.....if Nashville is neutral for most then that sounds like the place......we should meet at the stadium
Anyone going to Import Alliance Oct. 27?
im thinking about showing up for that

anyone in tn/ky interested in rolling to this tuning event in nashville? maybe we can make it a big hyundai meet.
i might show up to see how it goes but i wont be getting a tune
Guys, we literally only need one more participant to have this event set in stone. There are 9 Genesis Coupes (including mine) paid in full thus far and no Veloster Turbos, Sonata Turbos or Optima Turbos. Anyone interested at all? Would love to see some more variety of Hyundais there.
If only I had money I would
i wouldn’t mind make the trip....unfortunately im deployed and wont be back until this fall
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