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Shout out for the Tennessee and Kentucky VT owners

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Where you all be?
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Fort Campbell as well
Since joebmoore4 and 3Sxturbo live on post. We started back up the hot dog Fridays, 3rd week of the month for several months. Anyways we have it coming up on the 19th from 1100 to 1300. Free hot dogs, chips, and drinks!!! We might have some specials and I believe we will have WIX the hummer out there. It's for the soldiers. Spread the word!
Gate 7, Looking to meet up with some fellow VT's and talk shop, mods and what not. Currently out of town and start block leave next week, I am looking to meet up in July. Anyone interested PM me or respond on here. Since i been out of town so much haven't had much opportunity to order parts but looking forward to, as soon as i get home. Any thought or suggestions on self install of HID low beam and HID fog? Also how about a place to install Exhaust?
Well when you get here I'm down. And more the better. There's a clarksville meet every Friday and some are thrown threw the week. I'm on clarksville meet on fb. As far as hids and exhaust. I'm the guy. I work at air assault auto. Anyways I did everything myself. Exhaust,hide,cai
And lowering springs.
Sounds legit. Yeah i should be getting back tomorrow and trying to get the HID's on before friday when i head out of town again. In theory they should be delivered monday or tuesday. How do you like your 6k? I went DD 6k lower and 3k fog. Where is the meet in Clarksville?
I saw you passing gate 1. You're the first matte grey in town woo lol. As for the HIDs I love them! Super bright!!! I hope you bought the buzzing canncellors for the low beams!! As for the meets they happen usually at hastings, five guys, or coffee shop/ car wash near great escape!!

Yeah I am hoping no one else buys a matte grey one around here lol. I bought the relay if thats what you are talking about. i hope it is, if not i need to order then soon hahaha. Not sure if i am going to wait until i get back from block leave to order my Solo Exhaust or buy it and get it shipped to FL and i can put it on there.. Leaning towards waiting but i really want one. As soon as i get back I am down to meet up with everyone as well. Id like to see if i can get my HID's on before Friday afternoon for my trip. VTDawg, would you be willing to help me out? I got cash and a case of beer with your name on it.
Where on Campbell I'm the Boston red VT near gate 7
Wanting to see how the full debadge looks. Boston red is a sick. Nice ride bro.
how about if we all meet up at the clarksville track friday night 24th, for midnight madness
I wish. ill be back late june. i leave this friday. blah... Trying to figure out how to install these HID's. about to go buy a tool set and some buckets to was the car. getting tint tomorrow. decided 20% all the way around.
is anyone trying to hang out this weekend :question:
Thinking O'Conner's after practice tomorrow.
Do you have any people in BG. I go there pretty often. maybe a group ride up there or you can come here. i am game for both.
Ill be there next month to enjoy some casino action lol
Anyone know a cheep towing company?
I need it for today. My other car is in Guthrie and i need it towed.
Dammit just saw your post. I knows cheap towing company locally
If you dont mind could you text me the number. wont be near a computer for a while. 8139432458
Yeah i would like to go. I have not been to this track before. wanna meet up before hand?

is anyone down for meeting up this weekend just to chat....i will be at the clarksville track on friday for midnight madness, just to make a name for the vt.....other than that im down for whatever
im not gonna race lol. not this time around. i wanna go watch and see the cars. Joe, you gonna run yours? 10:00 walmart near gate 7 it is!
Joe, text me today and we can figure out a time for everyone to meet up at walmart next to gate 7. 813-943-2458. 3sx and vtdawg have my number already and i can shoot them a text and see if they can make it. I am going to see if i can get a WRX and a Gen coupe to go also.

1000 or 2200
I am game to meet in murph or nashville. I live right off 24. me and 3sx live in clarksville. next friday night? I can't do cars and coffee this coming sat. step sons birthday unless i can convince the wife hahaha. but I'm down for friday night. Shoot me or 3sx a PM.
I'm in Nashville but frequent the Chattanooga area.
I am moving to Ark, about a hour from memphis this fall. ill need a VT buddy because I'm moving to the country.. :(
I am down for a trip to the Murph. I can text 3sx to see if he wants to cruise on down. He doesn't have a front bumper though...

Go to Murfreesboro much?
Everyone keeps telling me their was another car just like mine.. guess you are it lol
Clarksville TN! woot woot!
wish I was home
when you come back bro?
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