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Side Skirt Removal

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I've been lurking the forum for quite a while now. So, first off, thank you all for the information that you have posted. The info has been great and even helped me decide on the Veloster.

I have had my car for about a week now (ordered it 9 weeks before that), and decided that it was time to plastidip the thing. I was able to get everything removed and dipped that I wanted with the exception of the grey portion of the side skirt. Can someone explain to me how to get them off? Is it possible to get off without removing the colored portion of the skirt?

Thank you all in advance
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I dipped my side skirt lip a week ago. I went to taking it off and removed all the screws bottom and side and saw that there is a doubled sided tape that holds it to the car itself along with white clips. Since I was at home, I didn't have my tools, since they were at the shop to remove them. I ended up taping it up really good, and covered the whole left side of the car. I had some over spray on the hood and it scared the shit out of me. I just washed it and washed it and it finally came off. All white PD came off that was on the hood :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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