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Simone's New Shoes

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So I'm sitting right now at University Tire in Athens, Georgia waiting on my VT to have the 14,000 mile old Khumos deleted and Michelin Pilot Super Sports installed. I am going for the 225 40ZR 18's and will report back. Based on everything I've read about the Pilot Super Sport, I am almost as excited about driving her in a few minutes as I was when I went to pick her up from the dealer in September. The VT's are so new that there isn't yet a lot of experience on using the 225 instead of the 215. I'll be pulling about 1000 miles during the next 6 days and will be sure to post my experience and initial impressions. Price mounted for four is (gasp!) $1147.00. I could've had a heck of an exhaust upgrade for that, but I'll be so glad to get off of those factory Khumos.

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I had them on my M3, they are THE summer tire to have. Best tire ive ever had actually. But suck azz in the cold (as with all summer tires). You wont regret your choice thats for sure.
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