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Skyline Drive Cruise #2 - June 1st 2013

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We will be doing another Skyline Drive cruise since the first one turned out so well. We will meet at the Harris Teeter parking lot like before and head out from there. The address we will be meeting at 10:00 is:

Harris Teeter parking lot
7910 Crescent Park Dr
Gainesville, VA 20155

The turnout this time around should be even greater as we will be having some Focus St's and 370z's as well. From Harris Teeter we will head down 29 to 211. The VT's and myself will lead the way until 211. From 211 on, my Driving Miss Daisy azz will let everybody else go their merry ways until we got to Sperryville where we can meet at the burger joint on the corner (Burgers n Things) or grab sandwiches at the Emporium. From there we will head up the mountain and cruise the twisties on the way up. The admission to get into the park is 15 bucks, they accept both credit and cash. We will hang around there for however long we feel is necessary during the day. I plan on doing some LIGHT hiking and picture taking, unless you would rather keep on cruising the drive. Towards the end of teh day, we will eat at the Texas Roadhouse in Chantilly.

Some notes. The road heading up to the Drive (211) is very highly patrolled so DO NOT drive like a douchebag. You drive at your own risk. Skyline Drive itself has a posted 35mph speed limit and is also a very highly patrolled area. There are hikers, people walking along the side of the road, and lots of wildlife that will just walk out in the road without hesitating so you MUST drive sanely. There are a lot of drivers up there who go the speed limit and take in the views, so be patient with them.

Walkie Talkie radio's, if you have them, please bring them so we can communicate with each other on the way up.

There is a Facebook page for the NOVA/MD group.
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too bad I havent seen anything like this out where I live. (pierce's track day doesn't count, it's on a thursday and I work lol)
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