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Skyline Drive Cruise #3 - July 13, 2013

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Its that time again for another cruise. Just like the last two, we are going to meet at the Harris Teeter in Gainesville. Due to popular demand, we will be going to the Emporium down at the bottom of the mountain in Sperryville for some sandwiches for lunch. We will hit the twisties but go a little further down Skyline Drive this time around. On the way back we will stop at Griffin Tavern for some beer and good food. Reminder, to get on the mountain its a 15 dollar fee for a one week pass, or 30 for a full year pass. They DO accept credit cards but since we will be doing a lot of these I suggest a yearly pass.

For more information, join our facebook page. You MUST be in the vicinity of Md/Va and you must show up to cruises.
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Here's pics from the last cruise...

"Veloster Cruise II" 6-1-2013 - stfoto's Photos
Haven't heard back from Griffin Tavern yet. Is the date finalized?
Yes, 6:30-7 we should be there.
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