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Up for sale/trade is a 1990 Toyota 4Runner 4x4 5spd V6. The truck runs perfectly fine. It is my daily driver with no known mechanical issues. The following were replaced new less than a year ago: timing belt, water pump, igniter, coil, spark plug/wires, distributor cap/rotor, front lower ball joints, valve cover gasket, radiator, battery, wheels, speedometer cable, high flow cat, muffler, clutch and flywheel. I'm sure there are other things I am forgetting, but those are the things that come to mind. The truck is very clean for it's age. AC /heater works! AC blows ice cold! No clutch start button works, rear window works/rolls down. The wheels are Crager Soft 8's mounted on Michelin LTX All Terrain tires. The truck has a clean title.

The bad: the off road lights doesn't work, it's not hooked up (bought it like that), the truck recently started to squeal when it is started (easy fix), the battery light is on in the dash (it came on after I sprayed the engine bay down with water for a cleaning), the brake light is on, the truck will not pass smog, after replacing the cat and muffler, the mechanic said it is more than likely the EGR valve. I threw in the towel and used a bottle of CRC 05063 Guaranteed To Pass Emissions Test Formula I got from Autozone, followed the instructions and I passed with flying colors, the mileage shown on the odometer is not the actual miles, it has 100,000 more. I strongly believe that whoever owned it before I did, did an odometer rollback or the gauge probably crapped out and they replaced the gauge cluster with another one from a parts car or from the junk yard. Paint is faded on some areas of the truck, especially the hood. The truck leaks power steering fluid and hose needs to be changed. The truck does not have a sound system. Dash is cracked. Driver seat is worn out from all these years.

The truck has never let me down once. I take her out on fishing/hunting/camping trips. She's been put to use, but not abused. This truck was made for off-roads. As reliable as can be.

Any questions please pm me.

$3000 OBO


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