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Sound Changes

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In regards to the "fat" hose coming off of the blow off valve, i had it just hanging down in the engine bay since i installed my cold air intake. I bought a mini air filter "about the size of a golf ball" from the auto parts store. The sound between gears with the hose open is a "pop-hiss" sound. When I put the mini air filter thing on the end it makes a "fluttering" sound. Why is this and what does that hose do to make this sound?
Thanks! Joe
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Can this cause engine damage? I didn't want to just leave the hose hanging there in the open. Can I leave it like this? Or should I take it off? I like this new sound, but I don't want to cause damage. I hear a lot of other turbo cars making this same noise too. The filter that's on it now is not 100% restrictive because it is a breather. I don't have it all the way blocked off, it just has that filter now.
I just read on the web about this issue. Some people said that it is just a harmless flutter from the pressure being releases slower out of that tube. However the majority of the other forums and sites I looked at said it was compressor surge. Apparently that little filter is slowing down the air from being released and it is pushing it back into the valve and against the turbine, thus giving a potential to turbo failure. So.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with this said, is it better to just leave that hose pointed down into the engine bay so that it can just release back into the atmosphere?
So if I put the breather on it can damage the turbo? Or should I still it on the end? I want the loudest blow off sound with what I have now. Will that be if I remove the hose entirely like swordfish said?
What does the 3am thing mean??? :)
take the hose all the way off. plug the hole in the intake left behind. you dont have to worry about anything getting sucked in because it is blowing air in one direction not vacuume.
Right now the cold air intake only has the PCV valve coming off of it and that hose goes from the valve cover gasket to the intake pipe. As for the blow off valve, it has one fat hose coming off of it. That is the one that is "hanging" down in the engine bay now. Are you saying disconnect the hose from the BOV and just keep the hose in my tool box? :)
That would leave the BOV with NO hose on it all. (this is the hose that originally went from the BOV to the factory air intake tube)
I just took the hose off completely. Sounds good. :)
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You can remove the hose completely without causing issues. No need for filters. If your intake has no boss for where the hose would have gone, then you are fine there too.

Cool beans!!!!
Here are some pics.


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