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Stalling at idle

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Hey all! Thanks in advance for any advice.

I have a '15 VT that recently has started stumbling at idle, and even more recently started dropping rpms and fully stalling at red lights. It works fine when on throttle, especially accelerating.

I've had evap codes on and off for the past like 9 months, so it seems from my search like it could be related -- I replaced the gas cap with a Gates unit and the purge solenoid as well.

Anyway now that it's literally dying in traffic, I obviously need to do something.

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This is usually an evap issue. Oem gas cap, oem purge solenoid, oem CCV. Other than that may be crank position sensor going bad. Can be other causes but these will be the priorities.
Thanks, I really don't think the gas cap is the issue. I guess I could replace the purge solenoid again?

I don't think it would be cp sensor because the issue is only happening on hot days. Yesterday it was chilly and I drove and the car behaved totally normally - leading me to think its a fueling issue of some sort?
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