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Starter clicking but no crank replaced starter 3 times!

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Hey guys new to the Hyundai veloster forums
I have a 2013 veloster non turbo the car was driven into my garage with no starting issues I was beginning to do my timing chain replacement, after install of timing chain and turning over the motor by hand to make sure everything was in time I began to put everything back together once I was ready to crank it I tried to start it and I heard was a click from the starter solenoid trying to engage the fly wheel but was not able to turn it, next step I did was go over all my work and I couldn’t seem to find why this was, next I replaced the starter and I got the same issue just a click from the solenoid and the starter getting really hot as it’s not able to turn
I tested both starters on the bench and the new one is in operating condition, I need some help any ideas ? To sum up my story, starter works when out the car but when in the car does not work and yes motor spins freely and battery was replaced to a new one and starter really is in working condition
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