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Stock Height Scrape?

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My VT is currently at stock height with no modification on springs/struts/coils. However, when I'm turning into a slight incline I usually hear a scraping sound. It sometimes sounds like metal contacting concrete, and other times it sounds like plastic scraping concrete. I don't hear it if I slow down to speeds <5 mph. The only 'suspension' mods on my car is the luxon front brace and whitelines rear sway bar. Does anyone else have this problem?

Something to note. I noticed my whiteline has been making contact with the upper part of my car or something. What I mean is, a quarter sized space of paint has chipped off the sway bar and has exposed it to the elements at the TOP of the bar towards the left side of the bar. What gives?
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I know this sounds stupid..... Is the bar installed upside down?
Scraping is part of having a Asian car in an American SUV world. Where is the rsb hitting? It should not be doing that unless it was installed wrong or you completely compressed your rear end. Either if which is there are important things to address
I know this sounds stupid..... Is the bar installed upside down?
I don't think so. If it was installed the other way around, the bar would sit lower towards the ground.
take a few pics and post them, should have better responses that way.
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