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Stock Resonator

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I can not find this anywhere, so I am just going to ask. What is the specifications of the stock resonator? Inlet/Outlet size, length, and diameter. Thanks.
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Without beating on a dead horse (and I guess that I'm doing just that), backpressure is a non-issue on turbocharged cars.
Any sort of exhaust theory that involves pressure, backpressure and/or lift/timing only applies to the section between the turbine and the head. AKA: The Exhaust Manifold.
Everything south of the turbine is literally cut up in a blender. At that point the only thing that matters of getting the spent gas out of the system.
Think of a meat grinder if you will: above the actual blades the design of the chute matters a lot. Below, you just let that ground beef fall out.
Put whatever you want on there. At this point it's a sound preference and that's about it.
what does the resonator look like? just tubing or is it connected to the airbox. i know im dumb haha
Not dumb. Just wrong resonator. This is the exhaust resonator, not the intake resonator.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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