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Depending on skills and how you want to do this it could take 10-50 hours

Here is what my AC condenser looks like after just 8500 miles driving the I10 and 101 five days a week, 37 miles one way, from Surprise to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport for work.

Automotive exterior Bumper Grille Auto part Vehicle
Grille Radiator
Grille Radiator Metal

So one solution is go to Home Depot, online, local shop, and get mesh material and put it behind the crash-bar to stop rocks.
Or, make a mesh grill. I know, I’m not the first to do this but here is what I am doing to make sure it works for the VT. Plus, if you want to save the Hyundai logo in the same position it is possible and actually probably something to consider if you want to maintain close to stock rigidity.

List of parts/tools:
1. Phillips Screwdriver
2. 10mm ratchet
3. Dremel with 2" Plastic cutoff wheel or tool to cut the grill
4. VT Grille - part# 865612V510
5. 2' x 4' of Mesh of your choosing
6. Paint or Plasti Dip
7. Epoxy that can bond to Plastics and Metals
8. Sheet Metal Sheers

Recommend getting another grill so your stock one is not messed up but all up to you of course. Can find it at the dealer for $75 or so, maybe you know someone... or i found it at this website for less.

GRILLE - FRONT BUMPER. 2013 Hyundai VELOSTER # 865612V510

Bumper Automotive exterior Grille Luxury vehicle Auto part

Start by taking your front bumper off. I placed it nose down on a blanket. On the rear of the bumper, the grille is attached by many many screws and you have to take everything off that makes the tray, bumper support, before the getting to the grille. Screws are attached all around the grill and also behind the plate brick…

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Bumper Mid-size car Vehicle Family car

Should look like this when all apart.

Auto part Bumper Vehicle

Lucky for us, the stock grille has a distinctive line all the way around it to help with cutting.

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Grille

This is where the not a beginner DIY comes in. Recommend getting another grille section because you could easily F up cutting this plastic, it is very soft and every easy to scratch when not painted, as you will probably find out. Also, as I will point out now in the next picture, Certain things on the grille are necessary for the structural support of your bumper cover. I don't know why Hyundai ever did this but, if you remember the 3 different things you had to take off before taking the grille off the bumper cover, they are what supports the top, tray well call it, of the bumper. Two of them I would have to recommend keeping intact for the support. Just a recommendation not saying you have too.

Automotive exterior Bumper Auto part Vehicle Car

The part in the red circle is for the screws, and the part in the box helps support the other parts that were attached and help keep the bumper from flexing while not doing the speed limit......

Next, best thing to do is tape off the area of the center grille that is painted on your stock grille. Help protect that surface and any others as you start to cut out the louvers. On this grille i chose to keep the Hyundai logo area and get rid of everything else that is not needed.

Here is the rough cut. We used a 2" diameter plastic cutoff wheel and Sheet Metal sheers to do this. Just be very careful when getting close to the outside of the grille, as you start cutting it it gets very flimsy.
Vehicle Bumper Auto part Car Automotive exterior

From here you can leave the tape and use it as a guide to finish cut the center or take it off. My roommate is going to do the finish cut and detailed work, he's better at that then I am, he says it would be easier to follow the line, on stock grill, this is the paint line on the grille.

Just have to do a little sanding and edge trimming and we'll be able to put mesh in.

Continued on page 2 and 5 of this thread

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Way to think your way through it. I would have just started cutting stuff. Keep up the good work and the updates.
Thanks man. Started cutting it tonight. That grille is super flimsy the way it is right now. It also seems like the plastic on the OEM replacement is a different type. Its not even close to the same color or feel as the stock one.

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Thanks guys. Its a lot of work. Ya I saw the mesh he used and could not find it anywhere the size we need. What I had found was way too expensive. $58-200 for a 2'x4' piece of stamped metal. They are crazy to think we would pay that for a DIY lol.

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Day 2-3

Here are the next set of pics.
Before setting up sanding finish smoothing out your first cut that took out the center of the grille.

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Now Trim the mesh your using oversize but in the same generic pattern. Unless you have a pattern made to trim too.
Automotive exterior Auto part Grille Bumper Vehicle

Just trim

Test fit and seeing what it could look like.
Automotive exterior Auto part Automotive lighting Vehicle Bumper

More to come very soon!!

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Ya actually pretty sturdy. But we will see. If so, I know of something I can do to stop that. The way it's going to be put on it should have the same shape as the stock one.

Black for the mesh yes but not sure if all black yet.

I'm working on something else along with this. Just have to finish this grille first...

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This is very cool. Very different. I'm curious is it going to be just the mesh? What if idk a big bird flys into it? No more mesh? Lol also has anyone just put mesh behind the grill?
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