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Stupid rear brake lines are rotted

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Unbelievable on my 9 year old car. People check your fucking aero panel apparently mine just stores moisture like a sponge and more recently all my brake fluid. The panel is the same material as the cargo cover.

plus look at all the shit it has collected in 150k miles!

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80 plus ship each... do i buy them or just make my own?!?!?

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i am having flashbacks of making bubble flares for the kia, for piece of mind i ordered the oem lines. the car isnt going to last 9 more years.

all 3 of my hyundais now... 03 elantra, 01 rio and now my 14 veloster needed new brake lines going to the rear.
hmm i have the same one for hyundai usa.

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but nothing about the brake lines.

Your Vehicle is Affected. Service Procedure is Available.

Please contact your preferred Hyundai dealer to schedule the free service.

Our records indicate your vehicle is affected by this important service campaign. To make contacting your Hyundai dealer more convenient please use our handy Dealer Locator tool at the bottom of this webpage.

What is the issue?

Hyundai has become aware that in some of the vehicles affected, areas of the underbody may exhibit corrosion due to road salt usage. If the salt is not removed by regular car washes during the winter season, it can also eat away at the paint leaving the metal components without protection from corrosion.

What will Hyundai do?

Your Hyundai dealer will treat the underbody of your vehicle with a cavity wax and undercoating spray to help prevent corrosion. This procedure will be performed at NO CHARGE to you.

The actual time required to perform this procedure on your vehicle will take less than one hour, however, your vehicle may be needed longer. To avoid inconveniences, Hyundai recommends scheduling an appointment down below with your preferred Hyundai dealer.
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just need the unions to continue, lol

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Already got started after cleaning up the ton of brake fluid from under the car. Time is not on my side I need to be turning laps by Saturday.

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Going well… popped the brake pedal down with my breaker bar and not a drip doing the lines going to the abs. Got the flares completed and installed the lines then vacuumed the fluid out from the rear calipers. The pedal is firm but will complete the bleeding sequence tomorrow and fit the lines.

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I would say about 5 hours total spread out over a few days.

It’s all set now, I formed everything into the plastic brackets and etc etc. so after a pint of cheap stuff and then half a bottle of ATE super amber we have a nice pedal and no leaks. And I really beat the fuck out of that pedal too.

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Good enough I guess :)

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