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Sunroof Malfunction

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well it was just a regular day, and i tried opening the sunroof and my heart skipped when it didn't open, the shade didn't open and i heard no noise at all.... and than i started hearing flashbacks of people talking bashing on Hyundai and saying that its Korean crap... Well I never believed it, but after owning the car for just 8 months it randomly stops working? That got me thinking, whats gonna go next and when?

So anyways, I got outside, checked it out from outside made sure it wasn't blocked by anything, the glass looked fine from the outside no visible damage, so i get back in the car and keep riding the "open " "close" switch and than after about a minute i start hearing noises, like winding noises... so i'm thinking.. okay good sign, i keep clicking back and forth some more and Boom i magically slowly opens... Now After it opened, I closed it back again and tried reopening it again... You know how its supposed to start opening the shade with one touch? well it didn't do it... it was only opening if i held my finger on the button, and when i let go of the button, than it stopped.. So i thought that's strange... so i did i back and forth by holding the open close button, and than it magically started working back to normal again.... Now it opens and closes with one touch like it was supposed to originally.. Well that was a easy self fix i thought to my self... but Is it gonna happen again? should I take it to the dealer anyway now that it works?
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the car thought you were neglecting it and wanted to get your attention. I swear today i was at a stop light and the rpms slammed down to 200 and back to 1k while in neutral but it happened so fast the car didn't stall .... I will have to keep an eye out for that again . Anyways 10 yr warranty gogo! My paint issue will be getting fixed next week for the stained base coat i posted a while back... wonder what car they will loan me to beat on......turbo sonata maybe...
... should I take it to the dealer anyway now that it works?
The answer to that is yes .. but if it doesn't play up when you're there the dealer will send you on your way. The real problem will come when the roof decides to pack up in the open position.
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Definitely take it to the dealer and don't stop with talking to the service consultant, but ask to speak to the service manager or an actual mechanic.

In my experience the service manager and actual mechanics are quite fond of the Velosters. Plus some of the Velosters have a recall for the moonroof so they will probably want to tend to this problem before it becomes another statistic or they have to replace a shattered moonroof.

On one hand it sounds like one of the switches that determine the position of the moonroof is faulty and that is an easy fix. On the other hand if it slowly opened that means there could be a bind in the main track mechanism that could lead to flexing the moonroof and causing it to shatter.

As far as Hyundai being called Korean crap, don't forget that Hyundai offers, by far, the best warranty of any manufacturer and consistently places its cars among the most reliable cars being produced today by several independent companies.

If you had a problem like this with most any other manufacturer's car it would only be covered for 2 years instead of 5 years like the Hyundai warranty. Hyundai's 10 year drivetrain warranty demonstrates the quality and reliability of Hyundai drivetrains over other manufacturers' drivetrains that only offer a 2 year warranty. Surf the websites of VW, Audi, BMW, Subaru, Honda, Toyota etc. for their quality and warranty and you will find that they only provide a vague reference to quality and shy away from details on even their 2 year warranties. Contrast that with Hyundai's website and see how they are right upfront about their 5yr/10yr warranty on every car the sell.
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Okay sounds good! Ill be taking her in in a few days!!
Okay sounds good! Ill be taking her in in a few days!!
Def take it in. I had the same issue when I first bought the car in Nov. Dealer switched out the whole middle piece where the switch, map lights, and glasses holder is. If you have put LED lights in I suggest for you to remove them and put back the stock bulbs.
I think there is also a DIY on how to reset the sunroof in the owners manual.
Just get one without the moon roof.

Wish you could get the "ultimate" without the sunroof.
Warranty means IDGAF. Not that I want it to happen but the warranty does give me piece of mind. Even if it happens more than once.

Just get one without the moon roof.

Wish you could get the "ultimate" without the sunroof.
OKAY i'm taking her in thursday cause its doing it again...Not opening at first at all...than opening with pain manually it doesn't do 1 click to open anymore...pretty sure its the relay...gonna be putting stock bulbs back inside so that they don't blame those for doing anything
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