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Good evening all,

I've been watching the distribution list posted by ChuckinFLL over on and saw a VIT C M/T Ult show up in dealer stock today at Fitzgerald's Hyundai in Clearwater. I went at lunch time and sat in it while they were doing the PDI... It is really there! Went back tonight and test drove it with my wife. They are asking $500 UNDER invoice on their website. Seemed like a pretty good deal. My salesman was Dennis Dumond. He seemed like a pretty upstanding guy and I felt no pressure to buy. He even turned us loose in it by ourselves.

So you are probably asking why I am posting this... shouldn't I have the car in my garage tonight? Well... On paper it was everything I wanted. In person, the car is fantastic... definitely much quicker than the NA V, stunning good looks and tons of technology. But... I am 6'2" and I just couldn't find a sweet spot to get comfortable in the driver seat. I could probably make it work for some time but I am looking at a car for the next 5 to 8 years... I just couldn't see myself in it that long.

So go get it while its available. As soon as I got out, another salesman took the keys and another guy testdrove it. It probably won't last the weekend. If one of you do go get it, please be sure to post pics!


PS... I'm still in the market for a car and have decided that Hyundai has a lot of other great products today, so I may still end up in one... just a bigger one :wink:
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